Transportation is movement of humans and goods from one location to another.

As far as city will become major location of earth 75% population by 2050 and globe’s population is constantly growing, how cities will manage “movement of humans and goods from one location to another”, will be absolutely critical.
About 8 trillion EUR was spent in 2015 on the transport of people and goods and figure constantly increase, if we did not take some efficient actions.
Traffics and congestion becoming main straggle for large cities. Transportation time “of humans and goods from one location to another” increases year by year and if future of mobility will not change, we would end up catastrophic results for city inhabitants.
According McKinsey and Bloomberg research, four trends that are rapidly changing passenger transport: electrification, autonomy, connectivity, and sharing. The same four trends will, to a large degree, shape the future of commercial urban transport.
In Mayor Institute, we will focus on transportation problems in the cities and carefully watch where innovation is changing in that industry to advise mayors of the cities from developing countries.