Austria’s garbage app gaining steam

An app that helps cities and their citizens take care of their trash is becoming more and more popular in Austria

With the Easter holidays upon us, the Austrian city of Klagenfurt is happy to report that the garbage app has more than 7000 active users in the city. The mobile phone application called “Muellapp” or TrashApp covers many Austrian towns and offers many useful services to citizens. For example, users can organise their own garbage collecting calendars so they know when the trash will be collected and to remind them to take theirs outside. Another very useful function is the information section of the app. Users can find the nearest containers, look out for seasonal tips and relevant information and the city council is able to send notifications about the current state of waste disposal.

During the holidays, garbage collectors have their hands full and users of the “Muellapp” can ease their load. The app provides relevant information about proper disposal or recyclable waste and food scraps that make the lives of civil servants easier. Another extremely popular feature of the app, according to Klagenfurt deputy mayor Wolfgang Germ, is the direct feedback option. Through it citizens can give ideas and suggestions regarding waste-disposal to the city council and report problems.

The app is functional in over 200 cities and is available on both iOS and Android. You can find out more about it and its features at